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Squid Ink Products

Squid Ink

Squid Ink specializes in the manufacture of industrial inkjet printers and high quality industrial inkjet inks for the packaging industry. Products and services are designed to provide reliable cost-effective solutions to your industrial applications.
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Couth Products


Industrial Marking and Traceability systems.
COUTH is the world's leading authority on industrial marking and traceability. We are glad to present the new series of MC2000 SuperFast dot marking machines. These last-generation markers complete the MC2000 line with a world-patented range that is in the lead for its marking speed.
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SIC Products

SIC Marking

The Marking Solutions Leader.
SIC Marking is an international company developing innovative permanent marking solutions and automated identification (i.e. datamatrix) for the complete traceability of industrial components. SIC Marking has engineered a full range of exclusive marking machines: dot-peen, scribing, and laser marking systems.
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