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Large Character Ink Jet Printing System
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The SQ/2 Drop on Demand Large Character Printing System

The SQ/2 large character ink jet system prints high quality dot-matrix characters on a variety of products at a cost-effective price. The SQ/2 offers the lowest price per printed character in the industry today. Users can choose between two models: a water-based model for printing on porous surfaces like corrugated cartons, or as a solvent-based system for printing on non-porous product like plastics, stretch wraps, metals and more.

User Flexibility

SQ/2 users also have the option of choosing from several printhead configurations. Three different print sizes are available: 3/4”, 1/2”, or 3/8” character height. All printheads are capable of printing both a 7 x 5 and 5 x 5 character matrix, offering print sizes ranging from 1/4”″to 3/4” in height. Users also have the flexibility to run one or two printheads at any time. All of these components are field-installable for future upgrade to meet your application’s changing requirements.

No More Service Calls

The SQ/2 was engineered inside and out for industrial strength operation. Heavy-duty gauge coated steel cabinetry ensures continuous operation in harsh, real world environments. If the printer does fail, a fix can be completed in less than five minutes. Quick and easy-to-install replacement printheads, PC cards and air pump modules minimize downtime and eliminate costly service calls. Best of all, the water-based SQ/2 utilizes Squid Ink’s patented SQ-60™ no-clog ink, allowing users to leave the ink in their printheads for an extended period of time without flushing or cleaning, making it the most cost-effective, low maintenance ink jet printing system available today.



  • Printer Type – Large character ink jet printer
  • Character Height – .75" (1.9cm) in 7 x 5 matrix; .5" (1.3cm) in 5 x 5 matrix, or .5" (1.3cm) in 7 x 5 matrix; .375" (1cm) in 5 x 5 matrix, or .375" (1cm) in 7 x 5 matrix; .25"( .6cm) in 5 x 5 matrix
  • Character Set – 61 character ASCII set
  • Print Speed – 20 feet/minute (6.1m/minute) to 200 feet/minute (61m/minute) line speed; optional extended character width firmware allows for print speeds slower than 20 feet/minute
  • Message Length – 60 characters per message; 64 memory locations
  • Communication – RS-232C, 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 start, 1 stop, Asynch
  • Software Features – 24-hour clock, Julian date, counter, lot counter
  • Operating Features – Dot size, print delay, character width, photocell on/off, invert print, reverse print, purge routine
  • Controller Dimensions – 12" (31cm) H x 12" (31cm) W x 5.25" (13cm) D
  • Controller Weight – 10.5 lbs. (4.8kg)
  • Printhead Dimensions – 3" (7.6cm) H x 1.6" (4.1cm) W x 7"(17.8cm) L; dimensions are for the printhead only – an additional 3" (7.6cm) is needed for the ink line and cabling which extends from the back of the printhead
  • Product Sensor – Diffuse beam photocell (24v) or hardware sinkingsignal
  • Electrical Requirements – 110/120 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.6 amp
  • Cabinet Construction – Industrial gauge coated steel
  • Substrate Capabilities – Porous or Non-Porous surfaces
  • Air Requirements – No external air needed
  • Ink Capabilities – Porous: Squid Ink SQ-60™ no-clog ink
  • Ink Volume – .5 (1.89 liters) gallon bottle standard; available upgrade (water-base ink only) to 5.0gallon pail (18.93 liters)


  • Spare Parts Kit – Includes spare printhead, card cage and PC board pack, air pump module, data cable and master cap
  • Starter Kit – Includes ink, cleaner for flushing the system, spray bottle for cleaner, hand cleaner and lint-free wipes for the printhead
  • 5-Gallon Pail Upgrade – Upgrades ink supply to 5.0 gallons (water-base ink only)
  • PC Software – Communications software for PC integration
  • Repeat Print Firmware – Allows continuous printing of messages
  • Extended Character Firmware – Allows for print speeds slower than 20 feet/minute
  • Rollaway Stand – Provides mount for the SQ/2 controller, designed with caster wheels for transportation within plant